How To Organize Your Tasks For The Win With Asana

I created a video going over a project management setup for my wife and I to organize our tasks so that we can get more done. Within it I cover: Why use asana, how to organize your projects and task in asana, the mindset that will allow you to succeed with a project management system, and how to organize your tasks to succeed when working as a team.

Check out the video and let me know if it helps you any. (I’m really sorry about the horrible audio - fyi)

Again what you will learn:

  • How to organize your projects and tasks to get things done
  • how to collaborate with a team to encourage accountability
  • How to set goals and focus within projects
  • How to maintain things that need your attention over time
  • How to create a manual that allows you to outsource your activities.

Remember I will be sharing a lot of things like this. This came from me studying the course by Matt Giovanisi called Asana for Bloggers. It was great.

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