• How To Get Things Done When You Don't Feel Like It

    If you’re wondering how to get things done, you’re not alone. Personal productivity can be a challenge and while David Allan’s GTD methods are great in theory, applying it can be hard when I’m in a hurry to get things done. . . . Read More >>
  • How to get any project organized in 4 steps

    Getting things done isn’t natural for everyone. But most people make the mistake of thinking it is. They set out to do something they have not done before and expected that they’re going to decide, do, and succeed. . . . Read More >>
  • How to recover when life interrupts your productivity

    Have you ever had an interruption that derailed your day? Or come back from vacation and can’t get back into your flow? Or life happens and you find that you’re not going to the gym anymore? These are some of the things that occur when life knocks us off our productivity horse. In this article, I share a simple approach to recover and get back into your groove. . . . Read More >>
  • The most important job of a development manager

    I had a hard week on the job, managing developers. I had one person that walked out and leave a note, without telling anyone that he was quitting. I had another person that decided to quit without talking to me about any of his issues. The third person got managed out. The problem is that they coincided in the same week and it was a lot to handle. . . . Read More >>
  • How to visualize success in a way that motivates you

    Visions, missions, and goals. We hear about them all the time and how powerful they can be. But I found out recently that I’ve been going about it all wrong. All my visualizations, and goal-setting, and asking for accountability - I was doing the right things, but I was doing them completely wrong. So I set out to fix it. . . . Read More >>
  • Themes and Value Streams: An approach for managing cross-functional teams

    Managing people is challenging. Period. But when you have to lead separate teams working on different projects, it throws a new kink into the mix. . . . Read More >>
  • Focusing On New Coders And The New Front End Development At Divtopia

    Deciding to help new software developers to get started was not an easy one. The reason being that there are so many areas in software development and there is no clear indicator that one is better than the other. That said, as I looked at the issues that people were struggling with when they get started, it became apparent that the new front-end development scene (Single Page Apps, SPAs, and Fullstack) is a great starting point for most beginners. . . . Read More >>
  • Where To Look

    I was thinking about the idea of people in power, and how the front man is not always the person controlling everything. And I came up with a few rules to consider when assessing a figurehead. . . . Read More >>
  • Thinking Vs Doing

    I realize that everything that I find myself doing comes back to thinking vs doing. I have studied for years. I have prepped for years but taking actions was not the thing that I was doing. . . . Read More >>
  • How To Organize Your Tasks For The Win With Asana

    I created a video going over a project management setup for my wife and I to organize our tasks so that we can get more done. Within it I cover: Why use asana, how to organize your projects and task in asana, the mindset that will allow you to succeed with a project management system, and how to organize your tasks to succeed when working as a team.
    Check out the video and let me know if it helps you any. (I’m really sorry about the horrible audio - fyi) . . . Read More >>
  • Increase Your Chances Of Success: How To Launch A Project

    I’ve had one goal that’s evaded me for years. About 4 to be exact. And that goal is to launch an online presence that would allow me to help people. That’s the general goal. Specifically, I wanted to create a resource to help front-end developers. . . . Read More >>
  • Doing A Post A Day

    When I was competing in the national novel writers month last November, I wanted to quit every day. One thing kept me going: . . . Read More >>
  • Good Question: On Defining a Strategy to Get You Started On Your Plans

    I was talking with a friend about how I was trying to get my year going, and he asked me the following question: . . . Read More >>
  • Helping People Do What They Do Better

    For as long as I could remember, the idea that one can always do something better has consumed me. Things that people take for granted, I look for ways to improve it. This lead to one main focus in most of what I do and it can be summed up with one question: How can I do this better? Which usually translates when I’m in the world with other people into the following: How can I help you do what you do better? . . . Read More >>
  • Welcome to JP Adams (online)

    I’ll be sharing whatever I am working on here. I tend to feel like I have a lot of interests but in truth it’s just a few areas. . . . Read More >>

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