Focusing On New Coders And The New Front End Development At Divtopia

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Focusing On New Coders And The New Front End Development At Divtopia

Deciding to help new software developers to get started was not an easy one. The reason being that there are so many areas in software development and there is no clear indicator that one is better than the other. That said, as I looked at the issues that people were struggling with when they get started, it became apparent that the new front-end development scene (Single Page Apps, SPAs, and Fullstack) is a great starting point for most beginners.

My presence online, up to this point, has been unfocused. Partly because I have a lot of projects and I did not think through how they would co-exist before I started, and also because I have a lot of interest groups that don’t coincide (e.g., software development, spiritual growth, battle rap, and so on). Here at, I use this as a place to speak freely about my growth, and my struggles as I grow in life and my journey into entrepreneurship. But over at, I mostly write about coding.

Many Projects and Hats

So the approach that I’ve taken is to keep different places for my different hats. is my coding hat. is where I focus on productivity, although I might merge that here someday. And here at I will bring all of those areas together and share updates about my different projects.

This post is one such update about a change going on with


I want to help to make getting started in software development easier. I want to tell the story of what I believe to be the new front-end and how people can embrace it and get involved. I want to make learning to code (and other related skills) more fun for beginners both now and in the long run.

So that is what I’m doing over at Divtopia because I find that there are so many skills, concepts, tools, languages, patterns, and theory that people have to learn nowadays just to get started. My goal is to help people do better in that space. In the process, I hope to ease the frustration that it takes when people are trying to learn how to break into coding and technology.

Of course, everyone has Google as a starting point, but the concern is not that they won’t find information. It’s that they will be thrown into the deep end and forced to drink from a firehose. And it should not be that way. is me doing something about it.

So, if you or anyone you know is curious, interested, has started, or would like to learn how to start coding, then is a great place to begin. Go check it out now, and learn how to code.

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