Doing A Post A Day

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Doing A Post A Day

When I was competing in the national novel writers month last November, I wanted to quit every day. One thing kept me going:


But what helped me complete 200 pages in a month?

You may think that it was the practice of writing daily, and while it helps, that was not the reason for my success. Instead, it was the practice of failing. The fact is that along the way I figured out ways to stick to the journey just a little bit longer. I found tools to help me. Groups of people to support me and so on.

Even bigger than all that, I found people that I enjoyed helping and supporting as well. So now I’ve decided to start writing here every day so that I can share the things these findings more frequently.

Posting daily

For this reason, I’ve decided that I’m going to post on here daily. What does that mean? It means a lot of small content, but it also means more findings will get shared on how I plan, where I’m succeeding, and where I’m failing.

More importantly, I will be rounding up the best articles and pieces periodically and be sharing it with those that have decided to join me on this journey.

Daily posting is great, but when I sift through my ups and my downs, I hope that some piece of that will help you on your journey too.

A bit more action...

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