Good Question: On Defining a Strategy to Get You Started On Your Plans

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Good Question: On Defining a Strategy to Get You Started On Your Plans

I was talking with a friend about how I was trying to get my year going, and he asked me the following question:

“So what strategies or plan will you use to get your plans in order or initiated?”

My answer:

My first step is to define a single outcome that I can get excited about. This is actually hard for me to do (the single part, since I tend to have more ideas than I can act on). Then I have to define the smallest measure of progress towards the final outcome.

If I can buy into the vision and I know what a drop in the bucket looks like, then the rest is just counting the drops till I fill the bucket.


Decide on what your one thing is going to be. You can have other things happening but you have to know what your one thing is going to be. Once you do, take the time to refine it so that it motivates you every time you think about it.

After that, define small steps that lead you in the direction of your outcome. This way, as long as you keep taking steps, you will get there.

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