Where to get started:

Hi, I'm JP Adams!

My mission is to help two thousand and twenty people to launch their projects before the year 2020. This is my 2020 Vision. I intend to document every step, insight, struggle, and lessons learned along the way.

Project scope analysis and goal clarification is a skill that most people don't learn. And it's a skill that I have been getting paid to use for over a decade now.

It took me years to get to the point where I could analyze your goals, pick up the essentials, and apply frameworks and concept to quickly get you from a vague idea to a solid plan.

I want to help more entrepreneurs and small businesses that are getting started to 'level-up" and reach their goals faster.

Read my other articles on productivity, executing on projects, and taking actions that get results here.

My goal is to help you to apply the knowledge, experience, and resources you have on hand to get results you want in your business.

What others are saying:

On professional development...

He's made such an impression on me that we have remained friends over the years. I would go as far to say that the ideas we have passed back and forth have been very influential in my career. - Allan S.

On team development in a technical/corporate setting...

With an intellectual willingness to push the boundaries of technical solutions, he has helped develop award-winning products and successfully proven internal processes for the company. He has a natural leadership ability which inspires and encourages others to perform at their highest level. Consistently, he invests his resources to help solve complex, cross-departmental programming, and technical issues while keeping in mind the architectural structure of the enterprise environment. Both inside and outside the office J.P. Adams is a positive influence. -- Richard D.