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Hi, I'm John-Paul Adams!

I'm passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business owners unlock their full potential. With over 20 years of experience in personal development, project management, and executive coaching, I'm uniquely qualified to provide customized strategies to help you take your project from idea to launch, or transform your existing business to grow quickly and efficiently.

I'm trained in lean and six sigma, product management, and the GROW coaching model, and have spent the last decade leading teams in seed organizations and tech startups through product launches and iterations valued at $100 million. I'm also committed to continuous learning and professional development, dedicating an average of 500+ hours per calendar year to further hone my skillset and knowledge.

Most recently, I co-founded Ghostfounder, a business that helps organizations rapidly prototype inventions and product concepts. This business grew to over $360k in revenue in less than two years. I also wrote a book, "Thinker vs. Doer: Tools to get you doing," which captures my learnings on productivity and making ideas happen.

My mission is to help others unlock their potential and become change agents. I'm here to help you create a plan and equip you with the tools to make your vision a reality.

Get actionable insights and articles on productivity, executing on projects, and the foundational elements you need to take actions that get results here.

My goal is to help you to apply the knowledge, experience, and resources you have on hand to get results you want in your business.

What others are saying:

On professional development...

He's made such an impression on me that we have remained friends over the years. I would go as far to say that the ideas we have passed back and forth have been very influential in my career. - Allan S.

On team development in a technical/corporate setting...

With an intellectual willingness to push the boundaries of technical solutions, he has helped develop award-winning products and successfully proven internal processes for the company. He has a natural leadership ability which inspires and encourages others to perform at their highest level. Consistently, he invests his resources to help solve complex, cross-departmental programming, and technical issues while keeping in mind the architectural structure of the enterprise environment. Both inside and outside the office J.P. Adams is a positive influence. -- Richard D.