Welcome to JP Adams (online)

I’ll be sharing whatever I am working on here. I tend to feel like I have a lot of interests but in truth it’s just a few areas.

  • Business (bootstrapping, entrepreneurship, infopreneurship)
  • Personal Development (Productivity, Growth, Goal and Plan Execution, Intentionality)
  • Software Development (Coding, Building apps, and such)
  • Making Stuff (Music, Books, Podcasts, Creative expression)

That’s pretty much it. At any given time there will be projects that I’m working on and projects that are done. Sadly I think I will also have project that are on hold and projects that are dead.

This is where I share what I am doing.
One site to rule them all (so to speak)

Catch me talking about sustainable productiviy and all my experiments in that area at BoxyMonkey Project. All things code will be at Divtopia, and you can catch me talking about making space and time to do the things that matter most with my buddy Rich on the Thinker vs Doer Podcast.

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I share what works on productivity and project execution.
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