Where To Look

I was thinking about the idea of people in power, and how the front man is not always the person controlling everything. And I came up with a few rules to consider when assessing a figurehead.

If they’re thinkers and academics, then look to who and what they read. If he is just the face of the organization, then look to see who is always in the background. If they seem reasonable, then look to see who are their advisors. If they run in a pack, then look to see the make-up of the entourage.

Above all, you have to look into their motivations. Don’t discount things like pride, the need to feel in charge, the need to be right, the need to feel important, and the need to be liked.

I tend to think I’m reasonable, so I appeal to reason. But it’s not all about finding answers. It’s about seeing the truth. Don’t just know what you’re looking for, but also give some attention to where you are looking.

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